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Tila Haltuun! Catalogue


The Tila Haltuun! exhibition served as a platform for a diverse range of contemporary sculptures created by talented artists like Jan-Erik Andersson, Kari Cavén, Petri Eskelinen, and others. The exhibition’s curator, Daniel Werkmäster, selected works that demonstrated an interactive relationship with space, other works, and viewers. Using various materials, the sculptures showcased unlimited possibilities not restricted by conventional norms.


The works on display were designed to challenge the viewers’ perspectives and offer a fresh outlook on current themes such as consumer society, power, and outsiders. Additionally, the sculptures incorporated humour, mirth, and insight. The exhibition featured sculptures in different sizes, from miniatures to large installations, that filled the entire room, each dominating the space differently.


At the opening of the exhibition, the trilingual Tila haltuun! catalogue was published, featuring artist introductions written by curator Daniel Werkmäster and an article by Doctor of Art Jyrki Siukonen commenting on contemporary sculpture. The publication included numerous pictures of the works, showcasing Finnish sculpture’s technical and artistic multidimensionality.


The exhibition was an inspiring experience, encouraging viewers to see things differently and embrace new ideas and perspectives. The Tila Haltuun! catalogue is available in selected museums and bookstores, serving as a lasting reminder of the exhibition’s impact on art culture.

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