Kobra is a brand and design agency.

Who we are

Kobra is a brand and design agency founded in 2015 and led by experienced designers. Our office facilitates a closely-knit group of highly passionate, talented, clever, and humorous individuals carefully chosen for their exceptional cultural and educational backgrounds. Our diverse knowledge and experience provide a strong foundation for practical solutions to tackle complex problems.

Our long-term clients include Moomin Character, Djusie, Design Museum, The Finnish Sports Gala, and Angel Films, with whom we have helped establish successful and compelling brands by applying our strategic and design skills.

Our office is based in Helsinki, where we work with companies of different sizes and industries worldwide.

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Our design principle and values

To design a successful outcome, our designers develop a deep understanding of your product, company, and customers. We establish the proper context by conducting desktop research and workshops with the project team to understand the market and the partner organisation. This knowledge helps us develop the best ideas for your brand’s needs, whether innovating new products, creating a complete visual identity, or even just a one-off zine.

A great project outcome requires a committed client who trusts our expertise and a solid process. We view the creative process as a dialogue between the designer, client, and customer. We highly value our clients’ input as crucial team members. Our ideal client values design and recognise its role in developing their business.

We take great pride in our craft.

Be Original

Whether the approach is minimalistic or expressive, the design has to be original in its idea and strategy. In the end, what we do is build the brand's intellectual property, and that will not be achieved by mimicking others.

Communicate What Makes It Special

A strong brand communicates its unique strengths and values by making the big ideas that drive the company accessible to its audience. We make a company's USPs evident to its target audience.

Trust The Process

We build step by step. A clear and coherent process guarantees successful results and structure for the creative process.

We Are In It Together

A great project outcome requires engagement from all sides. We view the design process as an open dialogue between the designer, client, and customer. We value all parties as crucial members of the design team.

We are committed to establishing long-term partnerships with clients who have ambitious goals and seek to achieve high-quality, lasting results.

Tuukka Koivisto

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Tuukka Koivisto
Co-founder, Head of Design