Reneving Olvi Teho brand and packaging design

Services included in the project:


Brand Architecture
Brand Identity
Packaging Design
Motion Design
Campaign Design

TEHO Energiajuoma


We aimed to better understand the target audience’s purchasing decisions by conducting in-depth interviews and analysing consumer preferences. We strived to determine what factors influence their choices and how we can appeal to those undecided about choosing meat and other plant-based options. Throughout the process, we tested multiple designs until we arrived at an approach that genuinely embodied the needs and brand values of Härkis. While Härkis was clearly recognised as the brand to go forward with, the Beanit brand was kept for international markets, ensuring that we could continue serving consumers worldwide.


Härkis has set out to achieve something remarkable—creating ordinary yet extraordinary products that cater to everyone, irrespective of their dietary choices or beliefs. Taste is crucial for Härkis; it is the key to bridging the gap between responsible and delicious food. Their mission is to offer customers a unique and enjoyable experience by making delicious, accountable products that inspire and motivate people to make conscious food choices and succeed in cooking.


We renewed Härkis’s brand and packaging design, focusing on sustainability, convenience, and eye-catching aesthetics. Fava, the brand’s new custom font, comes in three weights to cater to different packaging needs, while vibrant patterns simplify and enhance product navigation. The new packaging that Härkis has reduces plastic usage by an impressive 85%, and mouthwatering food displays coupled with easy-to-follow recipe links aim to make cooking a more accessible and successful experience. Härkis’s remarkable packaging design sets a new standard for the industry with its easily implementable visual design system.

TEHO Energiajuoma