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Book design for Life Among Looms. The book offers a micro-historical view of Finnish society’s development through a close-up view of every day of Finnish women, in particular.


Silver, Vuoden Huiput

Life Among Looms
Life Among Looms
Life Among Looms
Life Among Looms
Life Among Looms
Life Among Looms
Life Among Looms

What happens when you step into the home of Kaija Mälkki (1937), a lifelong weaving teacher, pattern maker, and craft consultant?


Life Among Looms is a book, a collection archiving the life story of Kaija Mälkki, her weaving practice and teaching, and the textile craft in the Helsinki area. The book is a collective project by textile artist Outi Martikainen, textile artist Rosa Tolnov Clausen and photographer Johannes Romppanen. In addition to the core team, the process brought together a group of writers, artists, and designers. The visits to the archive and Kaija’s home left an everlasting impression.


We approached the book design by trying to keep the spirit of the archive in the result. Thin pages, handwritten parts, and unusual rhythm help the reader digest the mass of information and discover new things every time the book is read.

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Tuukka Koivisto
Kobra, Head of Design
Project team:


Book design: Jaakko Suomalainen
Type design: Loimi Midi, Loimi Mono and Allee Sans by Jaakko Suomalainen
Photography: Johannes Romppanen
Cover art: Fredrika Anderson
Texts by Raija Hentman, Rosa Tolnov Clausen, Eliza Kraatari, Helena Hämäläinen, Mikko Lindqvist, Leena Svinhufvud, Outi Martikainen, Kaija Mälkki and Leena Svinhufvud.
Publisher: Kioski Kirjat


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Book design
Type design