Kobra Härksi Brand identity and packaging design

Rebranding an extra-ordinary plant protein brand

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Diagnosis, Measurement & Insight
Brand Architecture
Brand Identity
Packaging Design
Custom Type
Motion Design

Raisio, a Finnish company, acquired Verso Food in 2021. Verso Food is known for its plant-based protein products, such as Beanit® and Härkis®. However, these brands started to overlap, which made things confusing. Originally, Härkis was a sub-brand of Beanit, but it became more recognisable than Beanit itself. We set out to answer three significant questions:
  • How do you create an easy-to-understand brand hierarchy for the existing and future brand and product portfolio?
  • How could we most efficiently communicate with the target audience through packaging design?
  • Could the brand offer other main ingredients alongside the fava bean protein?


We aimed to better understand the target audience’s purchasing decisions by conducting in-depth interviews and analysing consumer preferences. We strived to determine what factors influence their choices and how we can appeal to those undecided about choosing meat and other plant-based options. Throughout the process, we tested multiple designs until we arrived at an approach that genuinely embodied the needs and brand values of Härkis. While Härkis was clearly recognised as the brand to go forward with, the Beanit brand was kept for international markets, ensuring that we could continue serving consumers worldwide.


Härkis has set out to achieve something remarkable—creating ordinary yet extraordinary products that cater to everyone, irrespective of their dietary choices or beliefs. Taste is crucial for Härkis; it is the key to bridging the gap between responsible and delicious food. Their mission is to offer customers a unique and enjoyable experience by making delicious, accountable products that inspire and motivate people to make conscious food choices and succeed in cooking.


We renewed Härkis’s brand and packaging design, focusing on sustainability, convenience, and eye-catching aesthetics. Fava, the brand’s new custom font, comes in three weights to cater to different packaging needs, while vibrant patterns simplify and enhance product navigation. The new packaging that Härkis has reduces plastic usage by an impressive 85%, and mouthwatering food displays coupled with easy-to-follow recipe links aim to make cooking a more accessible and successful experience. Härkis’s remarkable packaging design sets a new standard for the industry with its easily implementable visual design system.


The simple beauty of a plain white plate elevates the visual appeal and fresh essence of the deliciously cooked and photographed food. The top-view photography amplifies the clean take on the packaging design while connecting with visual rhetorics of the modern way of taking an image of food for social media.

Kobra Härkis Rebrand and packaging design
Härkis t-shirt
Kobra Härkis Rebrand and packaging design

When we started researching Härkis, we wanted to find out if they could make something other than fava beans. And guess what? They totally could! So, as part of the rebrand, they launched a new product line called Härkis Kaurajauhis (oat mince).


Image from Kaurajauhis campaign created by Wörks


Starting point
In 2021, Raisio significantly acquired Verso Food, a company renowned for producing fava bean products, including Beanit® and Härkis®. As time passed, it became evident that these brands started to overlap, causing confusion about their hierarchy. In response, Kobra was chosen to create a clear brand hierarchy for existing and future brands and products and renew the brand identity and packaging design.


The team conducted extensive research, diving deep into the purchasing behaviour of the target audience, and analyzed consumer preferences regarding packaging design. They made numerous iterations and improvements until arriving at a packaging design that best reflected the needs of consumers and the values of Härkis. The team also explored the possibility of creating new products under the Härkis brand, expanding to other ingredients like oats.


Härkis is dedicated to providing its customers a unique and enjoyable experience by creating highly ordinary products that cater to everyone, regardless of their diet or worldview. The brand focuses on ensuring its products are delicious, which is the key to achieving its mission of being the missing link between responsible and tasty food. Härkis’s mission is to inspire and help you succeed in your everyday cooking by making delicious food with extra-ordinary products.


End result
The brand’s new packaging design is a testament to its commitment to sustainability, ease of use, and vibrant aesthetics. The new custom font, Fava, boasts three weights catering to various packaging requirements, while colourful patterns simplify and enhance product navigation. The new design reduces plastic usage by a significant 85%, and mouth-watering food displays combined with easy-to-follow recipe links aim to make cooking a more accessible and successful experience. Härkis’s extra-ordinary packaging design inspires the industry and provides its customers with a unique, enjoyable, and responsible experience.

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Please contact:
Tuukka Koivisto
Co-founder, Kobra
Project team:


Creative Lead: Tuukka Koivisto
Senior Designer: Tuukka Koivisto
Type Design: Jaakko Suomalainen
Designer: Monika Bodendorfaité
Project Manager: Eva Persson
Reasearch & Insight: Jaakko Kalsi
Photography: Sami Välikangas


Services included in project scope:


Research & insight
Brand architecture
Brand identity
Packaging design
Custom type
Art Direction
Creative Direction