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Kobra is a designer driven creative agency. We partner with ambitious clients to develop strong and long lasting brands.


Our goal

We believe that a strong brand communicates a company’s unique strengths and values by making the big ideas that drive the company accessible to its audience. We are confident that with high quality design we can help our clients to successfully connect with their audience, meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world, and develop their brands and their business to the next level.



We offer a large range of services in the fields of brand strategy and design including naming, visual identity design and rebranding, creative and art direction, copywriting and web design. We build brands by creating unified solutions and identity systems that:


• support the business’ core values & heritage
• raise brand recognition and awareness
• give employees the tools they need to further strengthen the brand
• connect emotionally with target audiences


To achieve the best results we follow a step by step process developed as a result of years of experience.

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