Veitola Book

Maria Veitola is a TV personality and screenwriter, a writer and a columnist. The Veitola book is a collection of her columns spanning two decades of work, the earliest dating as far back as 1997.

Our work

In the book Veitola revisits and comments on the columns she has written over the years.

The columns are grouped around seven themes: 1. Childhood, youth and twenties, 2. Motherhood, 3. Work, studies, health and work in relation to health, 4. Crushes and relationships, 5. Style and looks, 6. Friends, 7. The role of a boss lady and deliberation about work and equality.

The book layout mixes her columns and commentary into one continuous body of text. They are however separated by colour. The old columns run in the style of classic body text while the new commentary is layouted in a more ‘poetic’ and ‘talkative’ style. The commentary is written in the vernacular, sentences are dissected into pieces to bring out rhythm and mimic Veitola’s way of talking. Words are emphasised by using different fonts and other treatments that illustrate in detail what is said, or in some cases, the meaning of the word.

Client: Johnny Kniga
Case images: Carl Bergman / Duotone
Sector: Arts & Culture
Type of work: Book Design