Veikko Kähkönen

Veikko Kähkönen is a Finnish photographer who’s work includes clients such as Nokia, Forum and Fazer. We were given the task of designing a promotional object for his clients, in the form of a notebook, using some of his more personal work.

Our work

One of the main challenges was how to transform the conventional notebook into a more intriguing and compelling object, that would fascinate and amaze. It was also important that the book didn’t come across as a portfolio, but rather as an artistic object and introduction to Veikko Kähkönen’s work.

We took an unconventional approach, considering the subject matter, by hiding the photographs behind a “veil”, using slightly transparent paper and a Japanese binding method. This way each spread holds a hidden secret behind the pages that can be discovered, while the book still keeps its functionality.

In addition to the images, we used manipulated and stylised typography depicting some of Veikko Kähkönen’s clients to give a pleasant rhythm to the layout. The typography functions as a break element in contrast with the soft photographs. This notebook can be summed up as an intriguing appetiser of the photographer’s work.

Client: Veikko Kähkönen
Case images: Carl Bergman/Duotone
Sector: Publishing
Type of work: Book Design, Graphic Design

Kobra Agency Veikko KähkönenKobra Agency Veikko Kähkönen
Kobra Agency / Veikko Kähkönen
Kobra Agency Veikko Kähkönen