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Starsquad is a Helsinki based marketing and hospitality service provider for sports & cultural events. They work together with the governing Finnish sport organisations, sport franchises, event organisers, commercial companies and media to get the best out of every event.

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Located in Zug, Switzerland, Infront Sports and Media AG is one of the world’s leading companies specialising in sports marketing. Infront Sport Oy, a Finnish subsidiary of Infront Sports and Media AG split from the mother brand in the autumn of 2015. During that transition we were tasked with creating the visual identity for the new standalone brand – Starsquad.

Built around the ‘running track’ symbol and bold colour the new visual identity lives and breathes sports and events. It provides a strong and recognisable visual language for marketing purposes.

The symbol – SQ, an abbreviation of the word Starsquad, taps in to a long tradition of sports graphics and was designed as an homage to the classic summer Olympics of Mexico of 1968. The symbol acts as a vital part in the identity system created. When cropped the symbol can be used as a graphic element in stationery, clothing and other promotional materials. The logotype acts as a secondary mark for the brand, as a signature, in applications where completely new audiences are met.

The bold colour palette uses a bright orange to give an energetic feel of the visual identity. The orange colour is also used to co-brand with other companies and to make the use of typography easier with images.

Kobra Agency Starsquad logo symbol animationKobra Agency Starsquad website page layout
Kobra Agency Starsquad visual identity logo
Kobra Agency Starsquad brand image photoKobra Agency Starsquad stationery pre-printed paperKobra Agency Starsquad website page layout

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