Secret Universe exhibition

Secret Universe

Company’s (Aamu Song & Johan Olin) Secret Universe exhibition at the Helsinki Design Museum.

Our work

We created the Visual identity for the Design Museum’s main exhibition of the Spring 2019. The exhibition displayed the fascinating work of Design Studio COMPANY from the past ten years. Since 2007, designer duo Aamu Song and Johan Olin have travelled around the world, seeking traditional craft techniques and manufacturing skills still practised by local artisans. These trips have resulted in art objects, clothing, accessories and furniture made together with local masters of crafts.

Working closely with the Design Museum and COMPANY we produced the visual identity, exhibition graphics and marketing materials.

The identity takes inspiration from COMPANY’s work and the exhibition architecture designed by Linda Bergroth.


Client: Design Museum
Sector: Arts & Culture
Case photography: Paavo Lehtonen
Type of work: Visual Identity, Motion Design, Marketing


The vibrant colours and graphic elements are inspired by the exhibition architecture. Combined with the custom typography they create an instantly recognisable and versatile visual language.

For the exhibition, COMPANY created two ‘Universal Dolls’ that combine the craftsmanship of masters from around the world. The different parts of the objects were manufactured in Finland, Japan, Mexico and Russia. We interpreted these ‘Dolls’ for the main visuals of the exhibition.

Motion design was applied to the visuals to be used accross different marketing materials.

The recognisable graphics were used as a frame for special events and additional information of the exhibition. The aim was to create a visual language that would be easy to recognise in every touchpoint from an Instagram post all the way to the moment you step inside the exhibition.