Visual identity for a creative studio for all things visual – big and small.

Our work

Piñata is an animation and illustration studio based in Helsinki, Finland. They are built around an exceptional team of illustrators, animators and VFX professionals, who believe in the power of collaboration.

All our their work is characterized by inspired pre-production work and they apply a mix of skills and techniques ranging from traditional drawing and 2D animation to fully fledged 3D photorealism. They create quality content for TV, print, web and mobile, all with a singular vision.

As a part of the new visual identity we developed a new logo and expanded on the use of the tilde (newly named as Vamos) symbol and its functions throughout the brand.

In addition to Vamos the brand uses a set of playful speach bubbles and a heavy display font to communicate.

The brand uses primary colours to brighten up your day.

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Client: Piñata
Sector: Culture & Arts
Type of work: Visual Identity, Digital design
Portrait photography: Johannes Romppanen
Cae photography: Katri Kapanen


Kobra Agency Pinata Branding
Pinata business card