Luova Comms

Visual identity for a communications company, creating 360° marketing strategies for businesses.

Luova comms is a Helsinki based communications company that offers you everything from marketing consulting, planning and implementation to coaching.

The logo is constructed from two elements, the text and the arrow symbol. The arrows symbolise the connection made between the business and its consumer. It also refers to the asterisk that is used in typography to call out a footnote. The logo has an animated version where the different services appear between the two arrows, again connecting the business and  its consumer with those services.

The idea of 360° marketing is illustrated in the visual identity as a mobile. The different parts of the mobile represent the services that Luova comms offers, all as a balanced whole. The mobile is used as an illustrative background element throughout the identity system in presentation decks, social media post templates and other digital applications. It can be cropped in various ways and can be used in many combinations of the brand colours.

The arrows of the asterisk symbol are used in the identity as a container element for holding copy text.

Client: Luova comms Oy
Sector: Professional Services
Type of work: Visual Identity, Motion Design