Koski Syväri

Building better tools for a world class photography and motion agency.

Our work

Koski Syväri is a photography and motion agency. Their work ranges from concept creation through to production. The company is founded and managed by photographers that keep a high visual standard as a core value in their work. Koski Syväri follow a clear and effective production process. Top-notch creative solutions are combined with coherent project management that ensures timely delivery, clear communication and sound budgeting. The company manage all steps of the production, from brainstorming ideas to delivering the final product approved by the client.

We were tasked with developing the tools that Koski Syväri use throughout their production process as well as marketing, sales and in-house tools to help the expanding business run their operations more efficiently while communicating a clear and coherent brand to audiences.

To develop these tools we needed to first renew the visual identity of the company to better match the level of the company’s own creative output while leaving space for Koski Syväri’s photography and video work to shine.

The new visual identity creates an impactful and clear brand presence throughout the company’s digital and print applications. The Koski Syväri logotype is used as an indicator of quality and standard. A Koski Syväri treatment is a treatment of the highest creative quality, a Koski Syväri Call sheet is organised like a German railroad timetable and a Koski Syväri quote gives you an honest and transparent break down of the production costs involved. The Koski Syväri logotype thus functions as a stamp of approval and guarantee of standard on everything it appears on.

We wanted the print materials to add value to physical touchpoints. Clear and sharp typography is used on an array of carefully sourced materials that match the tone and character of the company. These materials function as a calm backdrop that compliments the photography instead of overpowering it.

Digital materials are functional and easy to navigate. We renewed the Koski Syväri website to better showcase the agency’s impressive production process and creative talent. We also created new easy-to-use presentation templates in a variety of formats for marketing, pitching and project decks. These decks play a key role in communicating a clear vision to clients, partners and potential new business, ensuring that the creative vision does not get lost in a sea of clutter.

Koski Syväri have a saying: We’re in the business of Dreams & Reality – to be successful you need to have an awe-inspiring creative vision but also the know-how and process to realise that vision. We hope this new identity and set of tools help this talented team make more dreams become reality.


Client: Koski Syväri Oy
Sector: Video & Photography Agency
Type of work: Visual Identity, Web design
Photography: Osmo Puuperä