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KAS-Telineet is a family owned scaffolding company that has provided services for the private and industrial sector for the past 30 years.

Our work

KAS-Telineet provides scaffolding and weather protection for construction sites across Finland. In the spring of 2016 KAS-Telineet started to expand its operations and recruit a larger workforce, signalling a new era for the company. During this transition the company approached us to help them to refresh their visual identity and to fine tune their communications.

The tagline “Your personal scaffolding provider.” conveys the level of personal relationship that they aim to establish with each and everyone of their clients. A new set of brand pillars were created to support all of the company’s future communications. These are understanding of safety, reliability, communication and engineering. The brand pillars are used extensively throughout the visual identity.

The identity itself is centred around a strong clear logo and service icons that create a friendly and service oriented visual language. We used these elements to create a new website for KAS-Telineet as well as clothing, stationery and company vehicles. The brand demands your attention in a friendly way and aims to make business personal again.

Brand photography: Niklas Sandström

Kobra Agency KAS-Telineet brand logoKobra Agency KAS-Telineet visual identity logoKobra Agency KAS-Telineet website page layout
Kobra Agency KAS-Telineet visual identity logoKobra Agency KAS-Telineet brand image photo

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