Botany is a Qatar based vegan lifestyle brand that launched its first line of products in early 2017.

Our work

Botany is a fully vegan and organic lifestyle brand founded in Doha, Qatar. The product range consists of scented candles, facial sprays and essential oils. All of their products are blended using plants and ingredients that are organically grown and sourced through a sustainable supply chain.

Based on the philosophy behind the brand, we created a visual identity for Botany. The identity takes a contemporary approach to the ancient way of life, highlighting medical ingredients and Middle Eastern spices that are proven to heal, nourish, feed, rejuvenate, replenish, hydrate and restore the health of the skin.

Miron glass, that can be traced back to ancient Egypt, is used for the products. The protective qualities of the dark violet glass lengthens the shelf life of the natural products, that are especially sensitive to UV-light.

Silhouette style symbols were created from each ingredient used in the products. Some of the symbols can be clearly identified while some appear more abstract. The aim was to create a new table of elements in the form of symbols that can be learned by studying the products. The symbols play a highly visible role in the branding and product design that emphasises the vital role that the ingredients play in the products.

The brand images consist of three different levels. ‘Ingredients’ is a series of still life images based on the five basic elements of alchemy – fire, wind, earth, water and balance – and executed with the actual ingredients used in the products. “Alchemy” is a series of images depicting “The Vegan Alchemist” at work. The “Nature” images anchor the brand to its origins in the Middle East.

An earth toned colour palette, complementing the dark violet colour of the Miron glass, was inspired by the landscapes of the Persian Gulf. A sharp serif font was chosen to bring a prestigious feel to the brand. The font family is optimised to be highly legible, an important feature when dealing with a large amounts of small text in packaging.

Client: Nbat
Case images: Carl Bergman/Duotone
Sector: Fashion & Beauty
Type of work: Brand Identity,  Graphic Design, Packaging Design, Digital Design