Personal branding for independent dental specialist Masamitsu Amemori.

Our work

Masamitsu Amemori is an independent dental specialist working in the Helsinki and Vantaa area. In his practise, he focuses on dental repairs, tooth defect fixtures, and Invisalign orthodontics. We created a visual identity that focuses on the high standards and quality of Masamitsu’s work. With the new brand, we highlight Masamitsu as a person, most visible change being changing the brands’ name from Webdento to Amemori.

The logo plays with sharp corners and friendly, round shapes  — relating to the accuracy needed in dental operations and the friendliness of Masamitsu’s personality. At a glance, the logo speaks of sophistication, high quality, and trustworthy services while placing itself in a contemporary context.

Together with photographer Riikka Kantinkoski, we created a set of photographs to illustrate the services that Masamitsu provides. The photographs lift the tools of the dental profession up to a hero position — focusing on the instruments’ outstanding craftsmanship and details.

With clean and minimalistic web design, we create a space that feels safe and professional. Amemori’s services are high end, and the website reflects this level of quality that he offers. On the website, the brand images create a clear association to the trade, while steering clear of the frightening image of the dentist. Together with the portrait images, they bring life, colour, and character to the otherwise minimalistic website.

After analyzing the visitor traffic on the old website, it became apparent that it was essential to design the new website with the mobile user as the primary target group in mind. Custom navigation tools help to keep the content compact and accessible while giving a good overview of all the sections of a specific page.


Client: Masamitsu Amemori
Sector: Healthcare
Type of work: Branding, Visual Identity, Digital design
Case photography: Katri Kapanen