Veikko Kähkönen

Hidden figures.


Transforming businesses.


The Vegan Alchemist.


Nature in a nutshell.

The Finnish Sports Gala

Reinvigorating one of the biggest gala events in Finland.

Kobra Agency Urheilugaala visual identity stationery

Ratia Ranch

Branding in its truest form.


Making the business of scaffolding personal again.

Kobra Agency KAS-Telineet visual identity logo


Creating an identity for a new publishing house.

Kobra Agency Förlaget stationery bookmark


Visualising sport hospitality.

Kobra Agency Starsquad visual identity logo


Rebranding a classic.

Kobra Agency / SimCity Logo

Tove Jansson Catalogue

An elegant backdrop to a lifetime of creativity.

Kobra Agency / Tove Jansson Catalogue

Tila haltuun! exhibition catalogue

A catalogue for the best of contemporary Finnish scultpure.

Kobra Agency Tila Haltuun exhibition catalogue page layout

Rights & Brands

Bringing Nordic rights & brands to a global arena.

Kobra Agency Rights & Brands logo

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